Mathematical Exploration

@ Star College Durban

Champion Cerene Rathilal judge Site Star College Durban 18 August 2023 Crew Simon Corcos judge Chevarra Hansraj judge Zurab Janelidze pilot
The expedition at the Star College Durban took learners on a mathematics exploration journey based on the material from the Mathematical Exploration Journal One activity theme was chosen from the journal which was fleshed out in the form of a competition where students worked in groups on each stage of the activity and presented their work as an outcome of each round The groups were scored per round by the judges 3 winners for each round The overall winner was the group with the highest score The highlight of the expedition was extremely high quality of presentations especially the presentation where groups explained their proof for a mathematical proposition in the context of the activity Three of the fIve groups gave immaculate proofs Interestingly each of the three groups discovered a different proof

Mathematical Exploration


Noluntu Baart

Zurab Janelidze

Erna Lampen

Charles Msipha